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Toledo travel information

The greatest option to begin a look at to Toledo is actually to park away from town walls (there are many carparks), obtain a map from the visitor information center just opposite the Puerta de Bisagra, and go into the old city thru this majestic stone entrance. You'll be able to check out every one of the major points of interest inside the walled town by walking although you can't do them justice in this limited time, it's completely possible to obtain round them in one day. For those who have a lot more than a day, use the initial few hours just to walk around, get a feeling of the location, benefit from the winding roads seeped in history as well as culture, and obtain familiar with the names of areas and monuments prior to actually entering inside.

Ancient monuments in Toledo

Alcázar: This outstanding castle is at least one of Toledo's most emblematic monuments and was adopted like a castle by Romans, Visigods, Arabs and Christians. King Alfonso VI constructed his house here and many of Spain's most esteemed artists and architects intervened in the building of the royal palace. It had been destroyed within the 1700s throughout the Battle of Succession, reconstructed simply to be badly harmed a couple of years later on in a fire and rebuilt once more. The final time the palace was damaged had been during the episode of the Spanish Civil War and it was fixed if the War ended.

Cathedral of Toledo: Started within the first Century by San Eugenio, the 1st Bishop of Toledo. It had been turned into a mosque from the Arabs while in Moorish occupation of Spain, after which changed back to a cathedral by Alfonso VI. Within the 13th Century it had been destroyed and the amazing Gothic building which may be noticed these days had been constructed around the old cathedral's foundations.

Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes: fifteenth century monastery, Gothic type that was created on Royal requirement in the reign of the Catholic King and Queen.

Monastery Cisterciense de Santo Domingo de Silos: 16th century monastery with of El Greco who's buried right here. The Spanish artist painted the church. The monks that even now reside in the monastery put up for sale home-made candy and pastries to vacationers

Puerta Bisagra: The primary access to the old Town of Toledo. Exactly what seems to be one incredible rock gateway is actually infact two: the old gate that was constructed throughout the Moorish occupation of Toledo during the 6th and 7th centuries, as well as the new gate that extended the initial and was built-in the 16th century. This really is the best way to begin a trip to Toledo because there's sufficient car parking space on both sides of the Puerta and a very excellent Visitor Info just opposite on the other side of the main road.

Sinagogue El Tránsito : 13th century sinagogue with a museum inside which describes the story of the Jewish population in Toledo and the influence the Jews had on local culture and events.

Sinagogue of Saint María la Blanca: Today this former sinagogue is a crafts museum with interesting pottery and wooden exhibits.

Taller del Moro: Constructed in the 14th century by the Jews and, whenever these people had been expelled from Toledo, converted by a religous order into a church. The initial Hebrew documents on the upper walls can still be seen today.

Museums in Toledo

Museum of El Greco: The famous Spanish painter El Greco lived in this particular house which today has an impressive exhibition of his paintings, awell as exhibits of other artists.

Museum of Contemporary Art: Set in la Casa de las Cadenas, an fascinating 16th century building this art gallery has exhibitions of 20th century artists

Museum of Santa Cruz: 16th century building that used to be a hospital. Lovely patio and stairway. Exhibits works of art, tapestries and artefacts discovered in archeogical excavations.

Museum of the Fundación Duque de Lerma: Also recognized as Hospital de Tavera because Cardinal Tavera ordered it to be constructed in the fifteen hundreds. There is a statue of Tavera under the dome of the church.

Museum de los Concilios y Cultura Visigoda : with exhibits from the Visigod period, set in the church San Román.

Museum of Victorio Macho : What chosen to become the house of Macho, a famous artist, has become the art gallery that contains a number of his greatest recognized sculptures.

Museum Parroquía de Santo Tomé: This museum is actually where El Greco's most famous painting, The Buriel of the Count of Orgaz (El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz) is exhibited

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