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Huesca Travel information

Huesca, a single of the provinces of the Aragon area. The area gives a broad range of sporting opportunities which includes horse riding, mountaineering, paragliding and mountain cycling. The nature reserve in the mountain range of Guara is specifically a beautiful location to be. Huesca also provides exceptional alpine skiing. The area has adapted completely to the new green tourism and offers a extensive assortment of accommodations, which includes rural accommodation.

When it comes to fiestas and festivals, the area has a lot more than its honest share. In the winter you will locate carnivals in the valleys of Gistain and Bielsa to mark the pig slaughtering. In the spring, Might Days and processions such as the Victory Festival in Jaca. In the summer season the magical evening of St.John is 1 of the greatest and in Huesca you will see the celebrations of St. Lawrence.

The background of the district is evident in the cave paintings in the mountain variety and the inscriptions on the Roman villas on the banks of the river Cinca. The cathedrals of Huesca and Barbastro illustrate classic Gothic types whilst the rural churches consist primarily of Renaissance and Baroque styles with their multi-coloured interiors. The landscape is dotted with monasteries, churches and fortresses and all over the place you go you will locate legends of The Holy Grail, St.George and the Bell of Huesca, evoking a magical really feel to the area.