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Cadiz guide

Cadiz's most visited attraction is the La Caleta. It also has some pretty nice beaches and monuments, and a decent number of travelers making their way through Spain stop by Cadiz to check them out. Take a look at this Cadiz travel guide to find out more about things to see and do there.

Cádiz Weather

The climate in Cádiz is one of the most pleasant in Spain with the city enjoying over 300 days of sunshine annually. It has a warm, temperate climate with very mild winters with temperatures ranging between 14º C and 20º C and averaging just over 25ºC in summer.

Cádiz Carnival

An ancient catholic tradition stemming from a pagan festival which celebrated the advent of spring, the Cádiz Carnival is held every year before the season of Lent. Shrove Tuesday, at the end of February or beginning of March sees Cadiz burst into a true celebration of life.

A kaleidoscope of colour, music and revelry as “Chirigotas” or groups of locals formed into satirical choirs, singing witty and funny songs mocking everything from celebrities to politicians and decked out in the most extravagant and colourful costumes, wander the streets like groups of troubadours, setting up in improvised locations entertaining passers by with their creative figures and burlesque song to the accompaniment of guitars and lutes. You'll also see groups in extravagant costumes improvising street theatre.

This carnival is possibly the most entertaining in Spain and totally unlike any other celebration in Europe. The costumes of the Cádiz Carnival are not the showy sequin and feather affairs seen in Rio. In Cádiz, which has a reputation for being funny and witty, the focus is on satire with some very, very clever compositions regarding current affairs, politics, and the state of the nation amongst many other issues being mocked and satirised. Join the fun, you won't find a shortage of wigs and hats on sale. Just follow the crowds to find the most popular “chirigotas”.